Green World Herbal Supplement Helps Solve Prostate Cancer Effectively

Prostate problem is a common and perplexing disease, which could happen to the adult male of any age.

Prostatitis is an acute or chronic inflammation caused by specific and non-specific infection in the prostate, and then the symptoms in the whole body or part of the body happen thereby.

Usually, prostate problem is caused by virus infection, stones in the urinary tract and prostate chronic congestion.

Chronic prostatitis is divided into chronic bacterial prostatitis, nonbacterial prostatitis and prostatalgia.

Chronic bacterial prostatitis comes from acute prostatitis.

How Green world Prosstsure and B-carotene& Lycopene Capsule Can Help You


This product prevents and cures chronic prostatitis as well as frequent, urgent, difficult or painful urination, strangury with turbid urine caused by prostatitis.

It improves blood circulation and restrains growth of pathogenic microorganism in the prostate.

Moreover, sound efficacy and short period of treatment can be achieved by this low dosage.

High cure rate with minimal side effect.


B-carotene & Lycopene It is essential for maintaining the normal growth of bones, teeth, infants and eyesight protection.

The anti-cancer principium of vitamin in B-carotene accelerate normal maturity of epithelia; eliminate oxygen-derived free radicals, prevent lipid per-oxidation; stop carcinogen from invading DNAs in the nucleolus; enable immunity etc .

B-carotene is a cancer antagonist after being transformed into vitamin A.

Lycopene cannot be produced by human body, it can only be obtained from food, and it is most effective oxidation-resisting active material nowadays.

According to scientific research, lycopene can retard aging, restrain tumor, enhance immunity, reduce cardiovascular disease and prevents cancer B-Carotene & Lycopene – can reduce the risk of prostate problem effectively.