You become a member by joining with R150, you get a membership CARD and STARTER the Starter Kit you will receive all the information you may need about Greenworld Supplements.

All our products are explained in detail in the Starter Kit.

Our Compensation plan is also explained in that Starter kit.

Being a Member gives you a rank called 1* Consultant and 20% DISCOUNT in all our products that you buy from Green World.

Meaning you will resell the products and make 20% PROFIT.


Moving to the next need to purchase products worth R3000 either accumulative or once off.

Then you become a 3* consultant and this qualifies you to earn commission in Greenworld Supplements.

But you will need to recruit and build the team you will earn from....

You need to recruit atleast 3 people who will all purchase products worthy R3000 and become 3*s like you did.. *.remember Network marketing is a business of duplication* ,then this will promote you to a level called 4*C.

At this level that's when the Company pays you 25% commission, meaning by just recruiting 3 people you will earn +-R2000, and be given a bonus of a water purifier if you became a 4* within the same month you joined.

As I said this is a business of duplication, you will need to work with these 3 people you recruited and make sure they become 4*s and experience being paid from Greenworld as you did and that will promote you to another level of 5*C.


Your commission rise to 30% .You can earn up to R 5000.

Being a 5 * in 2 months will enable you to receive a *TEAM MEETING/BUILDING IN JOHANNESBURG AND YOU WILL GET TO SEE OUR HEAD OFFICE* this 2019,The company will pay for accommodation and lunch (you are responsible for transportation to Johannesburg).

In this business WE RISE BY LIFTING OTHERS....therefore make it your duty to work with your business partners to be 5*s, then you will be a 6*C.

At this stage your commission is 35%.

You earn btwn R5000-R10 000 ,your team can even perform better than this ,making you earn more and more.

As Greenworld we give you an Incentive International trip to China if you become a 6* within 6 months.

Everything paid by the Company from Visa Application, Flights and hotels in China.

You also get to stop and shop in dubai.


Grenworld wants you to meet its founder Dr Deming Li and see our production bases.

You will spend 7 days touring around China and visiting places of interest there... Your life would have been transformed!!!!!!!

As soon as your business partners become 6*s, you are promoted to 7*C.

At this stage your team would be grown so huge and your commission is 40%, earning +_R15 000 or even more every month.

Greenworld Supplements says be a 7*C in 12 month and receive a CAR AWARD bonus worthy R104 300.

This kind of money would be deposited into your bank account then you buy yourself a small business car of your choice.

You are invited to join the MSC 4 days Luxury cruise from Durban to Pomene beach on 17 November 2019.

The beginning of financial freedom starts at 8* rank ,where you will now be earning nothing less than R40 000.

You also get another trip to Australia *ALL-EXPENSES PAID,SEVEN DAYS VACATION AND TOURING IN AUSTRALIA 2019.*Just because you are an 8*C Green World will give you another *free trip to Mauritius ALL-EXPENSES PAID BY THE COMPANY FIVE DAY VACATION AND TOURING IN MAURITIUS*

And still,management and honorary positions will be waiting for you ahead as you grow your business.

In short ,network marketing is the best business of today.

Wish you the best as you soldier on ,we meet at the top!!!!

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T.P. Dingizinto

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