hepatitis B issues and complications

Green World Livergen

Provide Health Care To The Liver.

Green world Livergen capsule can assist in the treatment of the abnormal function of liver and hepatitis B, it is suitable for the acute hepatic-cirrhosis and chronic hepatitis.

Livergen capsules from Green World are refined from natural plant materials, which can stimulate circulation to end stasis, improve the hepatic blood flow and the microcirculation in the liver, promote the regeneration of liver cells and the production of fresh liver blood, soften the liver and spleen, resist fat, strengthen immune system, prevent the invasion of harmful virus to liver, eliminate remnant of alcohol and tar in the liver cells and gradually renew the normal function of liver that has been attacked.

Green World HepatSure Capsule

Assist in treatment of hepatitis B, fatty liver and liver cirrhosis.

It is a better way to empower your liver and live longer.


Astragalus Extract, Radix et Rhizoma Glycyrrhizae Extract, Herba Lophatheri Extract


Green World HepatSure CapsuleProtects, repairs and stabilizes liver cells; Alleviates symptoms of acute and chronic hepatitis, fatty liver and liver cirrhosis;Strengthens liver functions; promotes bile secretion and flow; reduces liver cell inflammation; Prevents damage of liver cells by alcohol, chemical heavy metal, medicine , toxins, intoxification of food and environmental pollutants; Promotes the regeneration and repair of liver cells.

Eternal Liver Tea.

Kedi Golden Hypha Capsules